Our energy storage solutions

Lead Acid technology:

Accellrate are a proud delegated retailer for NorthStar Batteries. NorthStar premium AGM batteries offers a range of batteries to meet different applications. Reserve power for stable power grid conditions, semi- and un-stable grid conditions to off-grid connections. A wide range of Transportation batteries from applicable for long haul trucks to high speed boats.

By NorthStar ACE TM, Advanced Connected Energy, NorthStar Batteries offers a unique communication with each battery block through its complete lifetime.electricity-705670_1280

NorthStar ACETM is a fully integrated solution combining Bluetooth communication with an IoT concept

Using NorthStar ACETM will improve your efficiency at every stage of the process: from warehousing, through installation and operation, to battery replacement.

  • Connect to your NorthStar batteries wirelessly using Bluetooth
  • Manage individual batteries or large battery populations on a global scale
  • Get remote and on-site support
  • True customer value throughout the life cycle
Northstar Battery outperforms competition
  • Northstar batteries deliver more power at fast dischargeProvides more capacity at short backup times, up to 4hours.
  • Northstar batteries deliver long float life even at elevated temperaturesSaves replacements and maintenance costs.
  • Northstar batteries deliver High energy densityNSB 210FT Red provides 10% more backup power in same footprint as a 190FT.
  • Northstar batteries have Unlimited charge currentLower risk for battery damage by faulty parameter settings and reduce charging time.
  • Northstar batteries deliver low internal resistanceImproves battery efficiency and uses less energy for cooling
  • Northstar batteries have long shelf life of 24months at 25oCReduce scrap cost risk and protects battery from positive grid distortion.
  • Northstar batteries have High temperature resistant plastic container – Protects battery against bulging and cracking at high temperatures.

Using Northstar premium batteries will effect your TCO in a positive way compare to low cost batteries


Lithium Ion batteries

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We offer complete systems for small scale energy storage, applicable for example in combination with renewable energy sources, including connections to national grid or in off-grid/micro grid mode.

Solutions are available for residentials and compartment houses as well as smaller industries and commecial buildings. These systems can preferable also be used for Active Power Control and Peak Power Shaving.

We also provide separate Lithium Ion battery modules for backup solutions in telecom and/or other applications.

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Aqueous Ion batteries

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Aqueous Ion is a new battery technology based on saltwater electrolyte and without any heavy metals or other toxic materials. These batteries are the cleanest energy storage battery technology available, without any flammable or explosive content.

We provide maintenance free solutions that can handle daily charge/recharge cycles and provide long life time. Applications are small to middle size scale energy storage solutions to be used in residentials and compartment houses as well as smaller industries and commercial buildings:

  • Micro grid solutions in combination with renewable energy
  • Lower peak rates by time shifting
  • Active power control

Also power companies can use applications in national grid for power control.

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