We give back

We set aside a part of our annual
profit to sponsor telecom development
projects in emerging markets


Proved by many studies we know by fact that investments in telecom will develop economies. We have seen it for ourselves and we want Accellrate to be part of sponsoring successful development projects in emerging markets. Therefor we set aside a part of our annual profit to selected projects. So as our customer You will automatically become a part of this!

As our customer you will automatically
contribute to our developement projects


Accellrate is also a company with a Green Policy. We care about the environment and employees of Accellrate act according to our environmental policy. We only have one world and we want to develop it in the best way for existing and future generations.


Accellrate believe that we have a responsibility to care for and protect the environment. We are fully committed to improving environmental performance across all of our business activities, and to encourage our business partners and members of the wider community to share that commitment.

The key points to achieve this are:
• Minimise waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible
• Actively promote employees, suppliers and customers to reduce, reuse and recycle
• Adopt the highest environmental standards in all areas of operation to ensure we meet or exceed all relevant legislative requirements
• Only use sustainable or recycled products where possible
• Adopt an environmentally sound transport strategy
• Include environmental considerations in all investment decisions
• Provide team members with the knowledge and training to make environmentally sound decisions in a workplace of choice

The use of Mobile Networks, voice and data, is in most cases a substitute for travel or paper based services. As a result of this, Accellrate is indirectly contributing positively to the environment by operating in the Mobile Infrastructure industry.

Every employee at Accellrate is to follow this policy and to report any environmental, health, or safety concern to Accellrate management. This policy will be reviewed regularly to ensure continuing suitability and effectiveness.

Questions and comments about Accellrate’s commitment to the environment?
Please feel free to contact us!