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As an independent advisory firm we support You in all different HW decisions, investments and optimisations. We have a broad and long experience with deep insights in the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) and 3PP (Third Party Provider) vendor arena for radio access sites.

We review Your specific needs and recommend the best technology solution optimised to Your needs.

We review Your specific needs and recommend the best and most suited technology solution optimised to Your needs. We can handle provisioning of 3PP if needed and make sure supply is optimised. Accellrate can also support in taking care of special customised development projects. E.g. indoor coverage, co-siting, co-existence, energy optimisation etc.


Accellrate has a strong network of experienced telecom professionals and partners that can be engaged at any time. We are fully prepared to support You in the best possible manner. We also have a good and strong co-operation with most 3PP’s and the largest OEM’s in order to have an independent and cost efficient approach.


With proper planning and market leading products we have reached higher speeds and more reliable WiFi than never before. As users become more mobile and flexible, we see a clear trend to rely on WiFi as the main, if not the only internet connection.

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Accellrate also offer customized applications for personal emergency alarms and positioning. With your smartphone as the only device needed, you get positioning and security wherever in the world you are.

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With our advanced Access points we offer real-time positioning and indoor localization. Together with our system, we integrate a leading alarm system called Alerty.

Alerty takes full advantage of the intelligence of today’s smartphones; internet, gps, motion processor, video camera etc. With this you can easily alert default recipients who can, in real-time, see what is happening to you and follow your location.

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Accellrate provides unique and cost effective solutions for Energy Backup, Energy Storage and Energy Optimization to match Your specific needs. The common denominator of all our products and solutions is to reduce the customer’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO = CAPEX + OPEX).

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