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Increase your business productivity, with minimal effort. 


 Full user insights with separated guest networks and much more! 

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With proper planning and market leading products we build WLAN that reaches higher speeds and more reliable WiFi than never before. As users become more mobile and flexible, we see a clear trend to rely on WiFi as the main, if not the only internet connection.

By using a proper network design and radio planning, network costs are reduced whilst simultaneously increasing quality and performance. A problem-free network with full mobility increases the efficiency and experience of all online users.
Advanced features includes user control, push out messages, positioning and device control. After many years in the Telecom business we have seen the importance of a flawless mobility connection.

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» Security


Mobile devices put high demands on security and infrastructure.
With application control, customized guests-networks, VPN, high level firewalls and complete URL unit access, we secure the network access. By doing this we ensure that your business communication remains 100% operational, even with high bandwidth usage and mobile users. Complete insights into user behavior, give you full safety and useful information.
We secure that your system is up to date, with the latest software such as features and applications!

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» Mobile coverage

Mobile coverage

We use our cell phones everywhere, and take for granted that they work in every kind of environment. Lately though, modern buildings are built with materials that suppresses cellular signal, indoor coverage become inadequate and sometimes non-existent. With advanced Radio frequency tools, we plan and install all you need for a complete radio coverage.

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» Management


Monitor all Access points, switches and devices. Solve connectivity issues before they happen with real-time control and monitoring of each device. With our management systems, we simplify the management of network products from nearly all network providers.

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Accellrate WLAN Solutions

Faster installation

Access points that are up and running in minutes, without any in-house IT expert on site. Save costs and increase revenue by a proper network design and radio planning.

Faster network

Up to 10x faster than the competitor in highly congested networks.

Faster maintenance

Update or expand your network with a single mouse click.

Faster lead times

One supplier means quick decisions, rapid customization and high expertise at hand.


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